To provide talent whenever and however it is needed to ECM initiatives by leveraging our existing network, providing value added services, and respecting the fundamental dignity of all individuals. We strive to deliver the ideal candidate to vendor job opportunities, and the ideal jobs to ECM subject matter experts.


Tesserae Talent Strategies is founded on three core values; Human Dignity, Candor, and Awareness. These values will be lived in all interactions, and form the basis for all hiring evaluations, as well as all internal performance evaluation and recognition programs.

Human Dignity. Everyone is inherently good, and exists for a purpose. Work should be in alignment with an individual's need for that purpose. Tesserae Talent Strategies will demonstrate respect and service in every interaction, internally and externally.

Candor. Communicating honestly and with transparency in all matters fosters trust, which helps to minimize unintended consequences, and support strong relationships. Tesserae Talent Strategies will tell people what we know, and what we don't know. No 'sugar coating' or concealing.

Awareness. Lack of focused attention keeps us from fully appreciating the underlying needs present in the requests that others make of us. Tesserae Talent Strategies will listen, observe, and actively anticipate the needs of all stakeholders.